The Healing Room and Tea Lounge is warm and inviting.

Private Alexander Technique Sessions with Elizabeth Castagna

By tuning into the intelligence of our body we're able to include that felt sense into our decisions along with what our minds think. The Alexander Technique allows you to explore an improved way of using your whole self through this coordination of mind and body as one. When your whole self is in balance you can enjoy benefits such as easier and more efficient movement, full, natural breathing, reduced pain and stress, and clarity to make new choices. Contact the studio to make an appointment.  

Alexander Technique Session Rates

New Clients: 90 minute session-$100

Returning Clients: hour long session- $80

Five class package of five one hour sessions-$375

Semi private 90 minute two person session-$50 per person


Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement with Michelledana 

Dance Therapy: Sometimes we're just not able to find the right words necessary to help us heal; this is where Dance/Movement Therapy becomes a powerful tool. Dance/Movement Therapy is an expressive therapy that involves dance, movement and the practice of non-verbal communication. Through the use of dance and movement combined with one's personal emotional exploration you will be encouraged to discover insight, understanding, and strength in the ability to navigate through life's difficulties (such as, trauma, pain, anger, fear, and sadness, etc.). It will teach you how to remember and acknowledge  with gratitude all of life's joys. Dance/Movement Therapy sessions will foster a welcoming, supportive, confidential, and safe space for all. This type of therapy is very effective for individuals that have suffered a sexual trauma or any other type of trauma that may cause one to disengage from the body. However ANYONE can enjoy the benefits of dance therapy, and it is a powerful tool in the search for an integrated mind, body and spirit. No dance experience is needed.  Contact the studio to make an appointment.                                               

Authentic movement: Do yourself an authentic favor and get together with your most authentic self! Be a witness to yourself as you move in witness of others. Be a witness to another as their movements move you. Authentic Movement is a movement meditation practice which involves moving with the eyes closed and awaiting an internal impulse to initiate movement. Moving with the eyes closed allows one to go to deeper places of the mind, encouraging inward reflection.  Moving on impulse stirred from within enables one to move however and whenever they are compelled to. Authentic Movement involves the mover and the witness.  While the mover moves they may come into direct contact with another mover; whatever response ensues will be up to each mover, perhaps they'll move together, perhaps not. No music is used, nothing is choreographed, nothing is planned, everything happens organically. Once all participants have had a chance to be a mover and a witness, everyone will come together to share their experiences, both as mover and witness, in a confidential, nurturing, supportive, and safe space. Contact the studio to make an appointment.