The Healing Room and Tea Lounge is warm and inviting.

Dosha Healing with Sara Hart

Working with the Dosha Healer will give you an introduction and practicle application of Ayurveda (life-knowledge)using breath, movement, creativity, & holistic remedy. A one-on-one consultation begins your walk on the Medicine Woman Path with an initial session that establishes your Dosha ( body constitution ), assess physical movement to tailor a regimen of strength & flexibility just for YOU, engage the senses  with aromatherapy, herbs, & Ayurvedic tastings, stimulates the mind and Chakra centers with guided meditations for clarity, creativity, and peace of mind.  Continue your sessions in a series of 8 for best results, with flexibility for changes in your schedule of course.  Committing to a Dosha Healing series will ensure a familiarity with your Dosha and your Ayurvedic regimen with consistent access to your healer for support, questions, and adjustments as needed. Read more about Sara and dosha healing here.  Contact the studio to make an appointment