The Healing Room and Tea Lounge is warm and inviting.

Energy Reading/Healing

Life Guide/Spiritual Facilitation with Shannon

We have all of the answers inside of us already....sometimes we just need a reminder.  Do you feel stuck, or as if you have lost the ability to listen to your inner voice? Do you experience chronic pain that physicians can not diagnose the cause of? Do you feel like you constantly live in a space of fear, sadness or confusion? Are you having a hard time making a choice because nothing seems 'right'? No one deserves to feel like that. Take charge of your well being.  Shannon  offers private energy reading sessions at the studio as well as energy healing, life guidance and spiritual facilitation.. Using the chakra system, Shannon will tell you where your energy is blocked and the general reason for the blockage. If you would like to move forward from there, Shannon will help you learn how to recognize what energetic holding feels like in your body as well as giving you different techniques to release the energy and recognize patterns in your life that cause energetic holding and blockages. She uses a multilayered therapy approach that will help you learn to take control of your life by  creating a deep, meaningful body mind connection as well as a profound level of trust in your intuition and your ability to navigate fear, anger and pain. Please know that this is deep work and you will be asked to look at some really challenging spaces in yourself. Finding your authentic self is not easy.....but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  Contact the studio to make an appointment      Hour reading:$90

"Shannon has a unique ability to help you look inside yourself for the answers you're seeking. I came to her for help as I made a major difficult life change. ...I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had a judgement-free safe place in her. She's made me realize I'm stronger than I was willing to give myself credit for. I hope to continue to seek out her guidance every chance I get. What she did for me in a couple hours is more than therapy has done for me in a couple weeks. Thanks, Shannon."