Prenatal Couple support

This therapy is a wonderful addition to any birth preparation. Work with Shannon together and individually to learn how connect and honor yourself and your partner during childbirth. You will learn how to deeply listen to your partner's cues to be able to work together as a team to make the birth experience no matter what it is and where it is, feel as joyful, connected, and beautiful as possible. You will learn to trust your deep knowing that all of us have in order make the right choices for yourself and your partner. This is a beautiful and connected therapy that will create a sense of serenity and partnership during the entire birthing process. Contact the studio to make an appointment. $70 per 60 minute session

"This was our first pregnancy and, as can be imagined, we felt somewhat anxious about this incredible unknown. I had no idea what to expect in terms of bodily and mental experience. We participated in a delivery preparation course, which only left me more anxious. The rigorous, structured order of the lamaze breathing methods made me feel we, as a couple, should keep up with a pace which I couldn't fully relate. If he missed a beat, I got upset. If we didn't practice enough, I felt guilty. In the end, it just added more stress to an already intense equation. Working with you, I knew you could help us find a way to channel our communication as a couple in the most effective, natural way into the delivery room. Your work with each of us separately and with both of us together reminded me of our great, unique strength and made me remember that I already have all the answers. Your encouragement, experience and the space you opened for us (or reminded us of its existence) were invaluable. It made our experience together in the delivery room organic, natural and - surprisingly! - relaxed. I can't thank you enough!"

Private Alexander Technique sessions with Elizabeth Castagna for prenatal and postnatal mamas

By tuning into the intelligence of our body we're able to include that felt sense into our decisions along with what our minds think. The Alexander Technique allows you to explore an improved way of using your whole self through this coordination of mind and body as one. When your whole self is in balance you can enjoy benefits such as easier and more efficient movement, full, natural breathing, reduced pain and stress, and clarity to make new choices. Contact the studio to make an appointment.   MORE INFO COMING SOON