medium, clairvoyant, spiritual guide readings

Work with Shannon, an experienced medium and clairvoyant and  speak with those in your life who have passed, as well as the spiritual guides that we call into our lives. Her readings are powerful and offer many valuable insights into your life that will help guide you along your path of connection to the divinity inside yourself.

Here are two reviews from clients Shannon has worked with:

"I can vouch for Shannon on this 100% - a few months ago she was able to tune into and share with me guidance from family members of mine who had passed away - family members she described in great detail, down to their accents and the tone of their voices, having never seen them or heard of them before. I was absolutely blown away, and it felt like I was actually speaking with them directly. She's got a gift". -C.K.

" Shannon Brandt has an amazing gift. She was able to connect with a passed love one and literally the words were exactly how this person talked in life, right down to her sense of humor. So much heaviness, darkness and sadness were lifted for me as a result. Thank you with much appreciation and gratitude for sharing your gift with me:)" -A.M. B.


                                                         Session pricing:  Full Hour: $90

*Please note that due to high demand, it is kindly requested that you notify the studio within 24 hours if you have to cancel a session. This will allow others to be able to take the session*