Energy Reading/Healing

Life Guide/Spiritual Facilitation with Shannon

We have all of the answers inside of us already....sometimes we just need a reminder.  Do you feel stuck, or as if you have lost the ability to listen to your inner voice? Do you experience chronic pain that physicians can not diagnose the cause of? Do you feel like you constantly live in a space of fear, sadness or confusion? Are you having a hard time making a choice because nothing seems 'right'? No one deserves to feel like that. Take charge of your well being.  Shannon  offers private energy reading sessions at the studio as well as energy healing, life guidance and spiritual facilitation.. Using the chakra system, Shannon will tell you where your energy is blocked and the general reason for the blockage. If you would like to move forward from there, Shannon will help you learn how to recognize what energetic holding feels like in your body as well as giving you different techniques to release the energy and recognize patterns in your life that cause energetic holding and blockages. She uses a multilayered therapy approach that will help you learn to take control of your life by  creating a deep, meaningful body mind connection as well as a profound level of trust in your intuition and your ability to navigate fear, anger and pain. Please know that this is deep work and you will be asked to look at some really challenging spaces in yourself. Finding your authentic self is not easy.....but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  Contact the studio to make an appointment      One time energy reading: $40 (30 minute reading)    All other sessions $80 per 60 minutes

"Shannon has a unique ability to help you look inside yourself for the answers you're seeking. I came to her for help as I made a major difficult life change. ...I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had a judgement-free safe place in her. She's made me realize I'm stronger than I was willing to give myself credit for. I hope to continue to seek out her guidance every chance I get. What she did for me in a couple hours is more than therapy has done for me in a couple weeks. Thanks, Shannon."

Restorative Yoga and Deep Relaxation for cancer patients, people recovering from surgery and people living with chronic pain

Work with Shannon in a safe and caring environment to help reconnect and find ease in your body. When dealing with chronic pain and or disease, its very common to feel angry and betrayed by your body. You will work with Shannon to learn how to listen deeply to your body in order to let go of held pain due to fear, anger and stress. You will start to have a dialogue with your body that is one of forgiveness and love in order to find softness and presence that will give you the peace to work with your body instead of fighting against it. You will be provided the space and support that will allow you to feel what you need to feel and let it move through you, giving you more freedom, energy and light to be present no matter where you are on your life journey. There is very little movement needed in this therapy (unless otherwise requested by the client) and is appropriate for almost all physical conditions. Contact the studio to make an appointment.  Rate: $80 per 75 minute session

"Shannon is a true healer, and she brought me back from some deep, dark places. She listens, she understands, and she cares. With yoga, breathing and energy work I was able to recover from an extensive and life changing surgery, and be stronger than before. She taught me how to live in my body again. To really LIVE."

Prenatal Couple support

This therapy is a wonderful addition to any birth preparation. Work with Shannon together and individually to learn how connect and honor yourself and your partner during childbirth. You will learn how to deeply listen to your partner's cues to be able to work together as a team to make the birth experience no matter what it is and where it is, feel as joyful, connected, and beautiful as possible. You will learn to trust your deep knowing that all of us have in order make the right choices for yourself and your partner. This is a beautiful and connected therapy that will create a sense of serenity and partnership during the entire birthing process. Contact the studio to make an appointment. $70 per 60 minute session

"This was our first pregnancy and, as can be imagined, we felt somewhat anxious about this incredible unknown. I had no idea what to expect in terms of bodily and mental experience. We participated in a delivery preparation course, which only left me more anxious. The rigorous, structured order of the lamaze breathing methods made me feel we, as a couple, should keep up with a pace which I couldn't fully relate. If he missed a beat, I got upset. If we didn't practice enough, I felt guilty. In the end, it just added more stress to an already intense equation. Working with you, I knew you could help us find a way to channel our communication as a couple in the most effective, natural way into the delivery room. Your work with each of us separately and with both of us together reminded me of our great, unique strength and made me remember that I already have all the answers. Your encouragement, experience and the space you opened for us (or reminded us of its existence) were invaluable. It made our experience together in the delivery room organic, natural and - surprisingly! - relaxed. I can't thank you enough!"

Massage Therapy Services With Christine

Signature Integrative Massage

Christine’s integrative therapeutic massage is a healing combination of massage and guided breathing techniques. Herbal infused oils are added to organic massage cream with or without a touch of essential oil (to the preference of the client) and warmed to bring the body to relaxed and balanced state of being. This will be sure to aid in melting away any muscle tension and to bring the massage to another level of relaxation and rejuvenation. Contact the studio to make an appointment

30 minutes $50      60 minutes $85      90 minutes $120      120 minutes $155


Swedish Massage

This ultimate stress-relieving massage uses medium pressure techniques combined with long strokes of gliding and kneading to melt away pent-up stress, achy muscles and tension. Your session will be customized for your treatment to focus on areas of concern. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Contact the studio to make an appointment

30 minutes $45      60 minutes $80      90 minutes $115      120 minutes $150


Mellow Mama Prenatal Massage

wonderful way to heal and ease the discomforts experienced during your pregnancy. This massage will be done in a comfortable side-lying position. Must be in the second or third trimester.  Massage is contraindicated for first trimester terms.  No deep tissue will be offered for pre-natal massage.  Contact the studio to make an appointment

30 minutes $45      60 minutes $80      90 minutes $115      120 minutes $150


Deep Tissue Massage

By utilizing slow strokes, direct friction is applied across the grain of the muscles using the fingers, thumbs or elbows. By physically breaking down these adhesions it relieves pain and restores normal movement. This method releases chronic aches & pains by reaching the fascia beneath the surface muscles. Perfect for chronically tense & contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, sore shoulders, chronic pain, limited mobility & sports injury.

30 minutes $50      60 minutes $85      90 minutes $120      120 minutes $155. Contact the studio to make an appointment.


Hot Stone

Hot basalt stones are places on strategic areas of the body in this energy-balancing treatment. The deepest tissue layers are reached with this technique. The stones are also used as massage tools, helping your therapist to penetrate deep, aching muscles. Blood circulation is stimulated, encouraging your body to heal itself. Cold stones are sometimes used to reduce swelling, while aromatherapy oil and Swedish massage techniques combine to bring your body and mind to a state of sublime bliss. Contact the studio to make an appointment

30 minutes $50      60 minutes $85      90minutes $120      120 minutes $155


Hand and Reflexology

Reflexology is the ancient art of applying pressure to the soles of the feet and palms of the hands to improve health and wellness. Reflex points in these areas correspond to each organ and system of the body, and can be manipulated to address almost any ailment. Muscular tension and stress are reduced, circulation improves, and energy pathways and nerves are unblocked, promoting overall health and relaxation. This preventative treatment will help your body to heal itself. This treatment includes an aromatherapy foot soak. Contact the studio to make an appointment

30 minutes $45      60 minutes $85      90 minutes $115      120 minutes $150

Private Alexander Technique Sessions with Elizabeth Castagna

By tuning into the intelligence of our body we're able to include that felt sense into our decisions along with what our minds think. The Alexander Technique allows you to explore an improved way of using your whole self through this coordination of mind and body as one. When your whole self is in balance you can enjoy benefits such as easier and more efficient movement, full, natural breathing, reduced pain and stress, and clarity to make new choices. Contact the studio to make an appointment.  

Alexander Technique Session Rates

New Clients: 90 minute session-$100

Returning Clients: hour long session- $80

Five class package of five one hour sessions-$375

Semi private 90 minute two person session-$50 per person


Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement with Michelledana 

Dance Therapy: Sometimes we're just not able to find the right words necessary to help us heal; this is where Dance/Movement Therapy becomes a powerful tool. Dance/Movement Therapy is an expressive therapy that involves dance, movement and the practice of non-verbal communication. Through the use of dance and movement combined with one's personal emotional exploration you will be encouraged to discover insight, understanding, and strength in the ability to navigate through life's difficulties (such as, trauma, pain, anger, fear, and sadness, etc.). It will teach you how to remember and acknowledge  with gratitude all of life's joys. Dance/Movement Therapy sessions will foster a welcoming, supportive, confidential, and safe space for all. This type of therapy is very effective for individuals that have suffered a sexual trauma or any other type of trauma that may cause one to disengage from the body. However ANYONE can enjoy the benefits of dance therapy, and it is a powerful tool in the search for an integrated mind, body and spirit. No dance experience is needed.  Contact the studio to make an appointment.                                               

Authentic movement: Do yourself an authentic favor and get together with your most authentic self! Be a witness to yourself as you move in witness of others. Be a witness to another as their movements move you. Authentic Movement is a movement meditation practice which involves moving with the eyes closed and awaiting an internal impulse to initiate movement. Moving with the eyes closed allows one to go to deeper places of the mind, encouraging inward reflection.  Moving on impulse stirred from within enables one to move however and whenever they are compelled to. Authentic Movement involves the mover and the witness.  While the mover moves they may come into direct contact with another mover; whatever response ensues will be up to each mover, perhaps they'll move together, perhaps not. No music is used, nothing is choreographed, nothing is planned, everything happens organically. Once all participants have had a chance to be a mover and a witness, everyone will come together to share their experiences, both as mover and witness, in a confidential, nurturing, supportive, and safe space. This very special class is an ongoing, weekly class held on Tues at 5:30-6:30 and is $15 for a drop in, or a regular class on a class card.


Dosha Healing with Sara Hart

Working with the Dosha Healer will give you an introduction and practicle application of Ayurveda (life-knowledge)using breath, movement, creativity, & holistic remedy. A one-on-one consultation begins your walk on the Medicine Woman Path with an initial session that establishes your Dosha ( body constitution ), assess physical movement to tailor a regimen of strength & flexibility just for YOU, engage the senses  with aromatherapy, herbs, & Ayurvedic tastings, stimulates the mind and Chakra centers with guided meditations for clarity, creativity, and peace of mind.  Continue your sessions in a series of 8 for best results, with flexibility for changes in your schedule of course.  Committing to a Dosha Healing series will ensure a familiarity with your Dosha and your Ayurvedic regimen with consistent access to your healer for support, questions, and adjustments as needed. Read more about Sara and dosha healing here.  Contact the studio to make an appointment

Private Yoga Sessions and Events with a Shambhala Instructor

If you want a little bit more one to one attention, you can book a private session with a Shambhala instructor. You can come to the studio or they can come to you! Also if you are hosting a retreat or are in town for wedding, Shambhala can provide you with a class tailored for your group. If you come to the studio props are included. If the class is offsite, please speak to Shannon about your prop needs and she will try to accommodate you.  Contact the studio for more information.  

$80 per session for single client for 75 minutes -  $50 per person for two clients - Group rates starting at $125 per 75 minutes