Shannon Brandt (E-RYT) is the founder and owner of Shambhala Yoga and Healing Center. She has been a student of yoga and human movement for over 15 years and has studied with various teachers all over the country.  One of her greatest passions is to help others realize that they have all of the answers to the questions they seek inside them already, and believes that the integration of the mind and body is the key to being present and living a full and beautiful life. The use of somatics  and energy integration factors into all of her teaching and helped her craft the  "Balanced Body" method as a tool for all to use to help heal and fully integrate mind and body. She is also a gifted energy reader and healer as well as spiritual facilitator and life guide and works with clients in a variety of ways, using whatever modality that will be the most effective method for their personal journey of healing the body/mind connection. She specializes in working with people who have been victims of abuse, people living with chronic pain and cancer survivors. She is also an experienced medium as well as clairvoyant. Find out about Shannon's healing services and make an appointment. Find out about her medium and clairvoyant services and make an appointment.You can find Shannon's blog here as well as her youtube channel.

Sara Hart is grateful to have found a yoga lifestyle whose guidance, love and energy awakened her soul and healed her heart.  Sara has a strong desire to share her experience and this healing practice with others. She uses all aspects of yoga in her teaching, so a class with Sara will be breath work, philosophy and  meditation as well as asana (postures). She strives to give people the tools and the faith in themselves and to live an authentic life, while navigating today's challenging world.  She applies a nurturing hands on approach and uses aromatherapy in all of her classes. She is also a dosha healer, and works with clients to pinpoint imbalances in their bodies and their lives, and works with them to restore balance through diet, exercise and spiritual work. You can learn more about Sara here.

Kayla Wedenko first began her yoga journey while recovering from a car accident injury during her dance career. As a passionate performing athletic artist by nature, not being able to move in her true language was painful. Yoga allowed her the opportunity to reconnect with her body, mind and spirit and re diversify her true language of love. Movement: It’s the authentic dynamic of spirit for her and to ignite this openness in others has become her path. Kayla seeks to facilitate this journey and experience for all who wish to share this deeply important ritual of soul, body and self. She’s been teaching movement in various forms for 10 years, is 200 hour certified RYT, level 2 reiki energy channel, NYS licensed esthetician, fellow earthling. She is always furthering her education in workshops, reading, personal experience and certification programs. In the summer she operates her own Beautiful Yoga Company, yoga on the beach in long beach island.